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Confederacy of Drones

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The Confederacy of Drones represents the mindless segment of the population that blindly bows to politicians and the media.

It's also our humor blog with original content written and posted between 2015 to 2020.  It exposed the bias, hyperbole and out-right lies that prey on the gullible, the lazy, and the gimme-free-stuff sucklers.  

We've included just a few linked highlights below, but feel free to jump into all of the Confederacy of Drones content.

Greatest Hits


World oppression fighters, moment of silence to honor Michelle O's suffering

Fearless Girl leaves Wall Street to "bully" other iconic images

Luring Hillary, there's an app for that

Danger of collecting Liberal tears: bites and rabies

Dress code for Congress, straightjackets considered essential

Democracy Dies in the Darkness beats out More Interesting than Cat Videos and Twice as Informative

The Obama Legacy:  Planned Parenthood to take over No Child Left Behind

Cory Booker yells "I am Sparticus" while helping himself to Costco's food samples

Trump lives in the heads of celebrities, lobotomies recommended

FBI skilled at interpreting facial expressions and posture for White Supremacy threat

Words in the news: Testimony - Having someone's genitals in a vice to elicit cooperation

And you thought gluing down the "w" key was bad

Washington's jaw drops over GWU academic changes

Kavanaugh pegged as Westworld robot for being too perfect

Entire music industry meets fiery damnation due to Christmas spirit

Jeffrey Epstein is dead and ABC News isn't feeling well either

Bernie's Easter prayers:  Mr. Bunny please bring me delegates this spring

Democrat party games, Che carving contest and the Sacrifice for Socialism

Hillary's next campaign tactic, the silent treatment

Uber declares that hurricanes, the embarrassing itch of psoriasis, and Nazi's are bad

Millionaire athletes' sacrifices for social justice, anything beyond knee pain?

Mitt finds his backbone, names it Pierre Delecto

Comey demands apology from whomever told him no one's interested in integrity

Pelosi, saving voters from the burden of voting

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